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What’s new with the Polk HealthCare Plan?

The Polk HealthCare Plan (PHP) is constantly evolving to meet the growing healthcare needs of Polk County’s medically vulnerable residents. The plan’s goal is to connect eligible residents with the services they need but otherwise wouldn’t have access. As most PHP members know, the plan covers primary and specialty care services, behavioral health services, and urgent and emergency care services. Those who are new to the plan […]
Getting Started - nurse and patient discuss applying for Polk HealthCare Plan

Why is primary care so important?

Choosing a Primary Care Provider is a requirement for Polk HealthCare Plan members, and regardless of your insurance or health coverage, it should be one of the first steps you take. Primary care and prevention Preventing health issues is a lot easier than correcting them, which is why there is […]
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How to apply for the Polk HealthCare Plan

Do you qualify? The first step in applying for the Polk HealthCare Plan (PHP) is to determine if you qualify. There are a few things that will prevent you from being eligible. To be a plan member, you cannot have any other healthcare coverage and you must be a resident of Polk County, Florida. In […]
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YMCA memberships available

In the realm of healthcare, there is much to be said for prevention and its link to physical activity. Physical activity refers to all movement – walking, running, swimming, yoga, strength training, cycling, organized sports, and recreation. One of the most important things you can do to prevent disease and […]